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Arizona Lowe

Arizona Lowe

Colorado Springs, CO


I am a freelance photographer and writer based in Colorado Springs who is grateful for the time to study, the imagination to be crafty and artistic, the peacefulness from maintaining a minimalistic home environment and, most importantly, the ability to to do what she loves.

My art practice spans many different mediums including photography, digital, pen and ink, acrylic, and oils. Each of my works is designed to inspire and reaffirm the beauty and transcendent messages that exists in the everyday.

Photographers, artists place themselves on a scale. In truth, collectors also place artists on the same scale. Amateur, apprentice and so on all the way up to master.

When I am asked to rank myself I always say "Rank amateur." I was a rank amateur photographer when I got my first digital camera nine years ago. I remained an amateur when I won two awards in New York and had a photo featured in the News Day, and I remain a rank amateur today.

Each art form creates it's own learning environment. Every time I learn 'this' about the technical side I also learn that I need to explore 'that'. Every time I learn a new composition trick it opens doors to even greater discoveries.

That is what makes art such a rewarding and challenging way to express myself.


Feast by Arizona Lowe


Pocketful by Arizona Lowe


Duckling Exploration by Arizona Lowe


After the Rain by Arizona Lowe


Swan Feathers by Arizona Lowe


Pink and White Beauties by Arizona Lowe


Crowned in Purple by Arizona Lowe


Just Crusin' Along by Arizona Lowe


Sitting on the Dock by Arizona Lowe


I'm Not Perfect by Arizona Lowe


Coming Home to Colorado Springs by Arizona Lowe


Fishing Adventure by Arizona Lowe


Acceptance by Arizona Lowe


Garden of the Gods Boulders by Arizona Lowe


Fading Coneflower by Arizona Lowe


Please Enter by Arizona Lowe


Standing Tall by Arizona Lowe


Grasshopper - Close Up by Arizona Lowe