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No More Paper Prints

January 20th, 2015

No More Paper Prints

When preparing for my last show, I was uncomfortable during the printing process. I mean, here I am striving in my own way to make a change in my world and yet going against one of my beliefs in the hopes of 'creating income'. I decided that I cannot do this anymore.

Paper production causes the following issues:

1. Deforestation.
2. Air pollution
3. Water pollution
4. Waste
5. Long term chemical issues caused by the chlorine and chlorine-based materials used in the pulp bleaching process and the sulfur, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide materials used while making the pulp. These are persistent organic pollutants that are generally recognized among the most toxic human-released pollutants in existence.

Plus, by no longer printing on paper I am helping reduce the ink usage - and ink creates its own environmental issues!

And it is so easy to use digital images to help decorate your home and work environments. Here are some of the ways I use them:

1. Digital Frames. This makes it easy and affordable to change my wall art whenever I want.
2. Wallpaper for my television and computer monitors
3. Digital greeting cards.
4. ‘Quote Pics’ for social media use.
5. Custom gifts like pillows, phone cases, coffee mugs, etc …

I am sure there are many other ways to use digital downloads without printing on paper. However, if you really must print and you would like me to produce a file in the size and orientation you need (including custom greeting cards) just contact me. I will provide this service for a reasonable fee.

Please go check out my website and support my desire for a cleaner world.